This should be one of the most successful resorts in Cape Verde. It is in the prime spot on the best island for tourism (next to Vila Verde) and comprises mainly of apartments and swimming pools. Yet they have strung investors along for 7 years with promises to complete construction. Many investors now have their properties and part of the resort is open to tourists but others see no sign of ever getting their competed apartments as construction has stopped yet again.

The beach of Santa Maria, adjacent to Djadsal

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  1. I visited Sal and Santiago twice and on the last trip to Sal I noticed a couple of construction sites which at a glance seemed rather outdated in their scaffolds, and other basic gear. I watched how the workers wore no protective helmets and were using ropes and buckets to carry tools and other materials. I wonder if European investors are well informed and documented of the policies, regulations and workers protection and rights. Could it be a lack of skilled workers and a lack of adequate regulations surrounding fair deals for the construction workers, OHS issues and pay issues have something to do with the delays, and stagnation of projects?
    Thank you.