Friday, March 15, 2013

Welcome to the Blog that tells the Cape Verde investment story like it is!

 Cape Verde was once touted as a new and exciting destination for tourists and holiday homes owners but it has turned into a nightmare for most investors and the promised flights and package holidays have just not materialized. Cape Verde has now gained a reputation as a harbor for disreputable property developers who have been aided by reckless lawyers and real estate agents.

I intend to report the facts and let the documents speak for themselves. To provide me with information on your story about any developments in Cape Verde email

PLEASE NOTE: If you think I am exaggerating Cape Verde's problems just take a look at the British Foreign Office website for a warning on buying property in Cape Verde here  . The FO warns that many people have had serious problems buying property on the islands and getting promised rental returns. Not surprising given that not one major resort has successfully completed and brought in tourists in any meaningful numbers, contrary to the ongoing hype propagated by Cape Verde promoters.

January 2015: At the request of numerous investors I have updated the Sambala saga and published a new page as the saga is very long. 

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